Work at Home Requirements – IV

The path to freelancing

The path to freelancing

In our last posting, we talked about some of the tools for blogs that could help you successfully work on your client’s blog. Today, we going to examine some of the other helpful items that can help add value to your clients blogs. You’ve probably noticed, that most of our blog postings contained some sort of graphic. Most people who are well versed in search engine optimization will advise you that the use of graphics can help your search engine rankings.

There is a catch however the first predicament is getting graphics that are not going to cost you an arm and a leg. The second, is finding the appropriate graphic for your blogs. It’s pretty simple to figure out that you’re not going to use the same graphics in a legal blog that you would use in a plumbing blog.

This is where IStockPhoto comes into play. This is perhaps one of the most cost efficient methods of utilizing graphics. In fact, chances are your client may already have an account. Do check with them. In most cases, appropriate graphics only cost one “unit” although you may find others that can be upwards of 14 to 20 units.

About the only concern I have with this site, is the filtering options. I strongly recommend in fact that if you find a graphic “set” that you like and save it in your light box. Light boxes stay active for one year, and allow you to easily identify graphics that are appropriate. If your client does not already have an account, discuss with them how they want to handle graphics. There are free programs available, however in my experience most of them do not offer a broad enough range or quality enough photos to make them worth the time it takes to search for them.

Effective use of Graphics

One thing I have noticed, is how ineffective some graphics are in posts. In fact you may have found yourself looking at a photo and wondering what in the world it has to do with the post you just read! One of the little-known features for brand-new WordPress users, is that you can add keywords onto your photographs. These keywords get searched just like the rest of your post. You can use the keywords utilizing the key words in your post, or additional keywords that are relevant to your post. You can also use graphics to link back to another website if you choose to.


For the most part, if you are utilizing videos your best bet is to do so through YouTube. The bulk of these videos, are free, and depending on what you are looking for, can be very helpful. You can search by keyword and sort by relevance. Make sure before you embed a video, that you shot off any auto start feature that might be contained in it. Nothing is more annoying to someone visiting your website or blog page then to find a video playing automatically. This could cost you visitors. Make sure the choice is up to the user.


I would have hoped to be able to cover more grounds that this part of the blog can be extremely important. So when our next post, we will talk about some additional tools including time tracking, spell and grammar check in, as well as plagiarism checkers.

Adding value to clients blog, really does add value and help you to establish your own personal brand. Just remember, that the higher quality product you are putting out, the better ranked the blog is in search engines, the more likely your client is to be satisfied with your work.

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