Private Label Rights Articles – Good, Bad and Ugly

If you type in private label rights articles into your search engine, you will find a wealth of information. Although private label rights articles have some definite advantages, they can often have as many disadvantages. While private label rights articles can save you a great deal of time, and also help you drive traffic to your website or blog, there are some things you need to be aware of.

The good things about private label rights articles

Private label rights articles can be very useful if you are just starting your blog, and are having some challenges driving traffic. Use of private label rights articles can establish your credibility in any specific topic. You can use these articles as is, and post about a variety of topics in a very short time. This is especially helpful if you are just getting started and do not have the time to post regularly.

If you are considering writing an e-book on a specific subject you may find that using private label rights articles can help you with early promotion. You can post a number of blog titles that will allow you to establish your credibility in that field. In addition, you can also combine a small group of private label rights articles into one batch and give them away as a free gift for ordering your book.

The bad things about private label rights articles

One of the most significant challenges of private label rights articles is the overall structure. Often times, these articles are not broken out with bullets, nor are they structured to draw the most attention. Most of them (as a general rule of thumb) are so stuffed with keywords that they are barely intelligible. More often than not, a single batch of private label rights articles will contain a large number of “spun” articles. This means that somebody has taken one or two articles and rewritten it numerous times until they make no sense whatsoever.

What’s ugly about private label rights articles

Perhaps one of the worst things about these articles is the repetitive nature and the “sales.” nature. More often than not, you will find large amounts of articles that are promoting a program. If this is the case, you’ve definitely purchased the wrong batch of articles.

Before you purchase any batches of private label rights articles, try to see what the topics are that are contained in the batch. One of the good things about many of them, is that they will contain a variety of subjects. If you were trying to specialize in one field, such as affiliate marketing for example, you may want to purchase a batch that only focuses on affiliate marketing. However, you may find that you will get a better deal by purchasing a “generic” batch of private label rights articles.


If you are just starting to develop a web presence, whether it’s on a blog or a website, private label rights articles could be a very good investment. They are typically very low cost, and even though you will get numerous articles that you cannot use you will get an equal number that you can use.

One thing to be aware of  is if you do purchase private label rights articles, be prepared to edit them. Some articles will require heavy editing, while others only minor editing.

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