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Those who pursue freelance writing as a career are often looking for added sources of income. This may be to either compensate for downtime between freelance clients or it may be to earn additional money.  Either way, there are some sites that will pay you for work if you follow their terms of service.  Remember, each site offers different payouts and you must always be aware of what you are agreeing to.  This first segment will discuss Helium and the variety of ways you can earn money.

Helium – Helium allows you a number of different ways to earn money. None of them are complicated, though they do require that you follow Helium standards. Here are some of the various ways you can earn revenue at Helium:

  • Up Front Payments – With the exception of specific channels which do not allow for up front payments including:

* Creative Writing (1)
* Politics, News & Issues
* Religion & Spirituality
* Society & Lifestyle
* Entertainment
* The Recipes sub-channel (and its sub-channels) within the Food & Drink channel
* The main “Other” channel
* All articles written to Debate titles

(my thanks to Rex Trulove for making this available)

Up front payments are based on two (2) different categories

(A) First article in title – The first article that is submitted to a title earns $1.00 empty title bonus;

(B) Up to 5th article – Those writers who have earned writing starts will earn an up front payment for articles that are submitted to titles up to (and including) the 5th article. These are based entirely on writing stars:

1 star: .50   2 stars: 1.00 3 stars 1.50 4 stars 2.00 5 stars: 2.50

note: this is in addition to the up front bonus of 1.00 for empty titles.

  • Page View Income – Writers are paid a percentage of revenue that is based on page views. There is no set amount per article (or ad) and in many cases this depends on the channel that you are writing your articles in.  The revenue is based on page views which are not displayed on Helium;
  • Rating Bonuses – Helium depends on rating to ensure the quality of the work that is displayed. Each writer is directed to rating as soon as they submit an article for publication.  Users who maintain five (5) rating stars are paid a $3.00 per month bonus (per terms of service);
  • Contest Entries – On a weekly basis, Helium posts new contest

This is a good overview of Helium for those who are interested in earning more money by article writing. Our next segment will discuss BrightHub and how you can earn there.

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