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Writing Articles for Money

BrightHub is not as user driven as Helium. In fact, BrightHub utilizes editors for their content.  Where the significant difference lies however is in the payments that they offer.  BrightHub users are paid $10.00 for each accepted article. Channels at BrightHub include:

Business: Entrepreneurship | Office Accounting | Home Office | Messaging & Outlook Tips | Project Management

Computing & Hardware: Linux | Mac OS | Windows OS | Hardware | Enterprise, SMB & Personal Computer Security

Education: Early Education | Homework & Study Tips | Teaching K-12 | Language Learning | Online Learning | Special Education

Engineering Technology: Civil Engineering | Marine | Mechanical | Electrical Engineering

The Environment: Environmental Science | Green Computing | Green Living | Renewable Energy

Health & Wellness: Alternative Medicine & Natural Healing | Diet, Nutrition & Healthy Eating | Fitness & ExerciseHealth Care Technology

Internet: Google Apps & Tips | Security & Privacy | Web Development

Mobile Technology: Blackberry | Emerging | Google Android | iPhone | Palm-Pre | Symbian | Windows Mobile

Money & Finance: Investing | Personal Finance

Multimedia: Audio | Digital Video Editing | Desktop Publishing | Digital Photography Tips & Tricks

Science: Aviation | Genetics, DNA & Molecular Biology | Medical Science | Space & Aerospace

Video Games: Console Gaming – Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation | MMO & MMORPG | Nintendo Wii | PC Gaming Tips & Game Reviews

Bright Hub offers three distinct writing options which include:
A) Editorially managed channels (as listed above) – These channels pay up front payments. Writers must submit a writing sample in order to be accepted to any channel for writing.  As of this writing (9/24/1) they pay $10 up front and you continue to earn revenue from page views;

B) Self managed channels – Self Managed articles earn no up front revenue. These earn entirely from page views. There is no editing process for these items;

C) HubFolio – For those who have several internet articles, this is a location where a writer can create an online portfolio of their work.  This does require registration and there is no editorial process involved. Earnings are based on page views only.

Writing for BrightHub

While it is somewhat challenging to get accustomed to the format requirements in BrightHub the editorial staff is second to none. Make sure if you are submitting article that you carefully review the process on BrightHub.  Each article requires SEO titles and tags, specific word counts, use of keywords and images.

There are plenty of help files available for new users including video files. There are also regular webinars designed to help you learn to write better.  If you follow the requirements and ask questions when you are unsure, you will do extremely well writing for BrightHub.


BrightHub offers writers a dashboard tab called Reporting – from this tab you can see how many articles you have submitted for the month.  This report is generally sent out around the 5th of the month as well, though you can view it from your dashboard at any time.  This tab also provides the writer with a page view count which is helpful, though it is specifically counting views on a per channel basis.  Payments are made on/around the 5th of the month and are paid directly to your PayPal account provided your balance is at least $10.00.


BrightHub offers freelance writers a great opportunity to earn extra money. In addition to writing and page views, writers may also be paid for links that they create on other websites to their articles (there is a limit, so please read the TOS).

Our next section will discuss InternetBrands as a way of making more money writing.

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