Freelancing 101 XII-C3

Writing Articles for Money

InternetBrands offers writers various opportunities based on their need to sell articles. They own several brand name websites that demand regular content and they hire writers to submit content. The system is not perfect!  However, there are some genuine opportunities for writers who are seeking writing opportunities that pay.

Application Process

Those who are interested in writing for Internet Brands must sign up on their recruitment home page.  They do require an extensive application including an original writing sample. You are required to select a writing category, submit an original writing sample that has to do with that topic and submit your application. It takes 24-48 hours to hear back from them.

Once accepted you will also have to file a W9 form for tax purposes.

Payment Amounts

According to their website, payment amounts are as follows:

“Rates will vary from $4 and up; based on article type, length, and subject matter. The compensation is a flat rate per article with a word range that may differ with each content order. Long articles, which are 400-600 words, will be paid $10. Short and medium length articles (150-250 words) will be paid $4.”

For the record, I have been writing on this site for just over a month as of the date of this posting. The lowest amount that my articles have been accepted for are $20.00.  I elected the “legal” site for submissions.  My first month I submitted 7 articles and all were accepted with no comments at all.  This month (my second month) I have submitted 16 articles, all have been submitted and 3 have been returned with comments that took me only moments to correct.

Payment Methods

The one downside to this program that I have found is payment. They pay on/around the 14th of the month provided your account has a balance on the last day of the month.  Payments are either by check or by direct deposit. There is currently no PayPal option for US writers though it does exist for international writers. Should you wish to change your payment option (or if you sign up in between payments) changing your method (for example from check to direct deposit) must be done before the 14th of the month and it takes a full “payment cycle” for it to be changed.

Pros and Cons

Like any other writing site, there are pros and cons to Internet Brands.  There are two features that would add value to the site (in my opinion) which are emailing writers when new opportunities are posted and notification of accepted or edits requested. Otherwise the site is a good source.

The upsides of this site far exceed the downsides in my opinion.  The writer dashboard is simple to understand, the editor (at least my editor) is very helpful and responds to emails.  While there is no “help” ticketing system per se, my particular channel manager has been very responsive to my questions.

Writing Deadlines

Once you select an opportunity (you can pick as many as 5 at a time) you have a deadline to meet. There is a five (5) day window during which your article must be submitted. In the legal channel, the articles are 300-400 words; 300 pays $20 and 400 pays $25.  If you select a 300 word article and write 400 you still are paid $20.00.  If you cannot meet the deadline, you can return the article to the open view.  You may have as many as 5 pending in your dashboard (not counting edits).


Internet Brands is a great way for writers to earn up front money.  There is no page view income nor do you get credit (at least in the legal section) for the work that you submit. However, it can be a steady source of writing income for those writers who are seeking to earn dependable income. I have only had 1 day in the time I’ve written for them that I have not found at least one opportunity to interest me.

The next segment will be on WriterAccess.

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