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A disclaimer is required before I write this post. I have not submitted any work to Seed as I have not found any topics that would fit my “niche” or my writing style. Seed is owned by AOL companies. In order to work for them you must be a US Resident and be over the age of 18. You must also put a W9 form on file with them for tax purposes.

The Predicament

Seed focuses on first person writing and many of the work requires that you write from a personal perspective. This is great for those writers who can submit this type of work easily. I am not a good first person writer and avoid it largely. Some of the topics I’ve seen are rather interesting as well and appear to be fun to right. Unlike other sites however, once you pick an assignment it is not guaranteed that you are the only writer to that title and there is no guarantee your article will be purchased.

Lag Time

After you submit your work, it will take upwards of five days for the work to be purchased. Once submitted (according to their FAQ’s) your work may be categorized in the following ways:

1) Accept and publish it on AOL’s network or third-party sites (exclusive license),
2) Accept and publish it on AOL’s network only (limited exclusive license),
3) Reject and not publish your content because it does not meet our quality standards or publishing terms.

There is more: FAQ also state:

Does submitting content mean I’ll automatically receive payment for it?

No. After you submit an article (or photo) in response to a content request, Seed editors review your submission. If your submission is accepted (based on fit and quality), at that point you will be eligible for payment.

For most writers, this means that there is no option for editing just rejection or acceptance.  The other predicament that you face when submitting work is you are not guaranteed up front payments even if it’s accepted.  You may be faced with only page view income which means you are largely depending on the site to promote your work and hope it gets read.

The Good News

Payment from Seed is processed weekly on Thursday. They pay via PayPal, Check or Direct Deposit.  If you have accumulated funds, you must request them by Tuesday to be paid on Thursday.  There are different levels of minimums required depending on your payment method.


While I have not personally submitted any work to Seed, there are many great reviews about it. If you are interested in the type of writing that this site requires, it is a good source of additional earnings from writing.

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