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Constant Content is different from most other content sites in two ways: (1) You, the writer, set the price for your articles, and (2) you don’t sell your articles directly to the site, but to outside buyers. Constant Content functions like a broker between writers who create articles and webmasters who are looking for articles to buy.

You can write articles for specific customer requests, or you can write on any topic you want.  Constant Content editors review every article. If they approve an article, they post it to the site, where potential buyers can see a summary and an excerpt. If you sell an article, Constant Content takes a percentage of the sales price, in effect functioning as your agent.

Being able to name your own price is the biggest advantage of writing for Constant Content. Their system rewards competence. Good writers, especially those who have a basic knowledge of SEO and the ability to write on popular topics, may be able to make more money there, per article, than on many other content sites.

Who should join?

In order to be successful at Constant Content, you should have two abilities: the ability to turn in writing that is error free, and the ability to be patient.

Error-free writing

Constant Content works at maintaining a reputation for good writing (which attracts customers willing to pay good rates), and the site is picky about the articles it accepts. The articles should be free of errors and should follow all the site’s guidelines.

If you have an excellent grasp of English grammar and usage, and if you are a careful proofreader, you should be fine. On the other hand, if you tend to make mistakes that you don’t catch and correct by yourself, then the CC editors will reject your work — possibly without explanation — and you are likely to feel frustrated.


Every article that you submit to Constant Content goes into a queue to be reviewed by the site’s editors. It may take several days until you hear back from them. Once an article is approved and posted, a customer can buy it at any time. Some writers have reported selling articles within minutes, but that’s not typical. You may have to wait a long time before a buyer comes along. Some articles may never sell at all.

Writing for Constant Content is like running a store. A few items may get snapped up the moment you put them out on the shelf, but usually you have to wait until a lot of customers have come in and squeezed the merchandise.

Just like in a store, the more inventory you place on your shelves (the more articles you load into the Constant Content system), the more sales you are likely to make.

How much money can you expect to make?

The amount of money you can make at Constant Content depends on the price that you set for your articles, and on how many of your articles you actually sell.  In turn, the number of articles you are able to sell depends, in part, on how much traffic the site attracts from potential buyers.

Unless you under-price your articles (something the site owners strongly urge you not to do), you should be able to get paid a good price for your work.

Even while getting a decent price per article, most writers at Constant Content probably won’t be able to sell enough articles to make a living from CC work alone. The best way to use Constant Content may be as a well-paying supplement to other income.

Getting started

Once you get the hang of it, Constant Content isn’t hard to use. There is an initial learning curve, though, so it’s a good idea to take your time learning the ropes.

Steps to get started:

1) Register by clicking on the “Author Sign Up” button on the front page.

2) Once you have registered, sign in. (Be sure to click on the “Author Log In” button, because hitting “enter” won’t work.)

3) Read the material listed in the left-hand column as “Author Help.”  It’s best to read all of it, but if you don’t have time, read at least the first two items: the “Quick Start” writer guidelines, and the “Extended” writer guidelines.

4) Go to the Forum, and click on the “Questions and Answers” section. Read the first thread stickied to the top, “Must-Read Resources – New Authors: Start Here.”

Then you should be ready to go! If you have any questions, the people in the forum are helpful. Good luck with your first article.

Constant Content is a good site for skilled content-site writers who want above-average pay for their above-average skills.

Link: Constant Content

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