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Forget Wikinut


I joined Wikinut in July of 2010 and published 35 pages. More than 1/2 of these pages were “star” pages meaning the moderator felt they were of high quality. Most of them were about working at home, freelancing and specifically about freelance writing. I was determined to make Wikinut work for me. However, as I wrote in my original Wikinut Review, earnings were creeping along and were growing at a very slow pace in spite of the fact that Wikinut claims to pay 50% of revenue. At that time I wrote “…My total page views since then are 39753 and my total earnings since then are £3.517. That is with 28 pages…”.  I continued to plow on and I published an additional 9 pages bringing my count up to 37.

Why I decided to give up

In July of 2011 I was averaging more than 1200 page views in a week on Wikinut and I had referred more than 10 people to Wikinut. According to their terms of service, I was entitled to a portion of the income that was being earned by the referrals as well. However, my earnings in July of 2011 were slightly over 5.00 EUR!  I was approaching 80,000 page views in a year. I decided that these pages were not failing, what was failing was my earnings.

Why that conclusion?

The earnings from Wikinut are supposed to be 50% of all revenue earned from advertising. Since most writing sites use AdSense, one would have to assume that the primary earnings source on Wikinut was AdSense. I decided to track this against my own blog to see if I was being unreasonable. In June, my blog had just under 2,000 hits. This is about what my Wikinut pages were averaging in a week!  Therefore one could decide that this is about 1/4 of the income that I should receive from Wikinut. Not so much. My AdSense revenue on my blog in June was $2.20 and on Wikinut, the same time period was .02 EUR – yes that is in Euro so it barely converts to dollars!

Now I might be a bit thickheaded but folks, something is wrong. My recommendation is that you gather your articles (guides, whatever) from Wikinut and get rid of them!  I earned $.39 on Squidoo from 2 (yes that is two) lenses at the same time that I earned less than 5 EUR from 37 Wiki pages. On Squidoo that means that I averaged 18 cents per page while on Wikinut I averaged the same .18 per page (for the entire year), but with hundreds of hits more.  Not really cost effective.

I have now moved my Wikinut pages off Wikinut (it took me 3 weeks to get them removed). Some are posted at Google as a Knol and others are posted at Squidoo as lenses.  I will do a review of Squidoo soon and talk about the earnings from these pages.


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