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For those who maintain their own blogs, chances are that you have discovered that the income from those blogs tends to be very erratic. It seems that regardless of how frequently you post, how rich in keywords your posts are or how well written your blog is that there is simply no rhyme or reason to your earnings. In some cases, this is not only frustrating but, it can also feel like you are wasting a lot of time working on your blog (or blogs) for very little return.

Because most blog income is a result of page views, the easiest way to increase your income from your blogs is to post to your blog on a regular basis, preferably daily. So just how do you make time to post to your blog every day? In reality, you don’t have to. Whether you are using WordPress or Blogger for blogging, you can schedule your posts. This means that if you can dedicate a single day to your blogging, you can then time your blog posts to post on specific date and time frames. This does a couple of things – it frees your daily schedule up and it helps you earn ongoing income.

Worried about having enough information?

If we are honest with each other, it can be challenging coming up with a large block of blog posts for a blog – whether we are writing on a daily basis or we are writing and posting them for later publication. Here are some ideas for setting up automatic blog posts that can provide you with fresh content and ongoing earnings:

A) Consider your theme – If your overall theme of your blog is for example saving money, you can find hundreds of options for writing about saving money. Sit down and make a list of possible topics that make sense for your blog;

B) Write a series – Series writing can be not only easy but enjoyable. If your blog has a financial theme you can do a series of posts about saving money such as “saving money on utilities”, “saving money with coupons”, etc.  Make a list and write a series, it can be an easy way to provide great information, post regularly and get new readers.

C) Promote your other work - If you have articles on article sites such as Helium or Bright Hub (to name only two) then you can create a set of posts that will promote these specific articles. You can write up 150 words or so and offer your readers the ability to read more on the other site;

D) Use Twitter feeds – Plug your favorite keywords into Twitter and do a search. Create an RSS feed from those keywords and create a “news” post.  This is not that difficult to do and you can use the Edit HTML section of most blogging software. This also means that you are getting updated content daily on that single feed.

We do not always have the time to dedicate to writing a blog post on a daily basis. However, with a bit of outside the box thinking, you can set up incremental blog posts to post on a daily basis. Take one day out of your week and dedicate it to writing numerous blog posts and then set them up to automatically post on days when you simply cannot blog.

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