Offering Guidance and Assistance

Bloggers, freelancers and anyone else who owns a small business often have to wrestle with doing the right thing. In fact, it is often difficult to determine where “helping” others and offering guidance and assistance begins interfering with our paying work.  Many small business owners are very particular about how they spend their time and how much of their time the “give for free”.  However, not all of us are.  Many small business owners are happy to provide information freely to anyone it will help. In particular, freelance writers often “band” together and share information with others. Some of the information that may be shared includes:

  • Lists of writing sites – some writers and bloggers freely share updates on writing sites they use regularly. This information can be valuable for writers who are starting out and for those who are looking for paying outlets.
  • Social networking tips – writers often share the latest information regarding Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest among other sites. These tips are often beneficial to writers who blog regularly or depend on revenue sharing sites for income.
  • Sharing work – it is fairly common to see bloggers and writers band together to share links to their own and to each others work. In many cases, writers will regularly provide links to other writers work on social networking sites which can help increase traffic.
  • Encouragement and compliments – many writers will browse their fellow writers blogs and other online work and comment or offer encouragement. This is something that is helpful to all of us. While the freelance writing community continues to grow, it is still helpful to have a support group.

I have always been a fan of paying it forward as I call it, in fact, it’s been over two years since I wrote a post about this very topic called “Pay it Forward“.  I have to admit that I do not always get to tell people how much I appreciate their writing or their comments, in fact I probably do not do this as frequently as I should.  This is not because I’m not reading your work, it’s often because I simply have nothing to add to the discussion. I also have some interesting challenges as oftentimes, I use my screen reader to read new entries and it does not allow me to “interact”. Sometimes I do get back and comment, other times I get busy with paying work or writing on one of my blogs.

I do believe in sharing information both here and on the site “No Scam Work at Home”. I do hope that someone finds this stuff helpful and that someone gets some value out of them. I also want to let people who share my work, who take the time to comment and who read in general that I appreciate everything you do.

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Well-rounded freelance writer who contributes to various blogs, paid to write sites and revenue sharing sites. Doreen is legally blind and has worked at home for more than 10 years. She uses the lessons learned from this experience to enhance her writing and share information with others.

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    Great post, Doreen! I kind of wonder where you got the inspiration for this?!