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One of the problems that you run into online is that anyone can write anything and expect that at least one person will believe them no matter how outrageous the claim. I recently received an email from a person who promotes affiliate marketing options online and telling me that I was basically clueless and misinformed. I’m a lot of things: Misinformed IS NOT one of them.

I always pursue with great interest any site that tells me that I can earn money online. After all, I work at home and an extra dollar or two a day is NEVER a bad thing.

Free speech and open license

One of the problems with online money making scams is that there are many sites that allow people to post on just about any topic they want without any type of vetting. The worst part of that is that many of these people have absolutely no idea how to do research and they are ignorant enough to believe that everyone is going to fall hook line and sinker for their latest “money making scheme”.

Ironically enough, if you disagree with them you are considered to be “uninformed”, “negative” or better yet “unable to follow simple directions” (because otherwise you too would have made a grillion dollars).
So let’s get real for a few minutes and take a look at what really happens when someone gets a hold of some of these scams and they perpetuate them on blogs, writing sites like Hubpages and Squidoo and others…..

First keep in mind how these guys make money

One of the things that is important to remember is that affiliates get paid when someone buys something or they “click” on a link in an advertisement. Sites like Amazon (one we all know and trust) pay you when someone buys something. However, when someone DOES buy something if it gets returned, you get blessed with a charge back. Then there are Commission Junction affiliates. Again, you get paid ONLY when someone actually purchases a product and if they cancel that sale, then you get charged back. This makes sense to me (even if I don’t like it!).

Then there is the wonderful Paid To Click market. This is probably one of the creepier options for making money online. Click Bank offers users a multitude of products that they can place in their blogs to earn money. Now I’m certain that there must be some legitimate offers at ClickBank so I don’t want to smear every one with the same brush. Please keep in mind that there ARE legitimate companies that are advertising there.

In fact, one of the programs that is being promoted at ClickBank is “Real Writing Jobs”. I know for a fact this is a scam. How do I know? I did a write up on it called “Scams look like this“. And yet, they claim on ClickBank to offer 75% on sales <sigh>. This isn’t a maybe either, I did a TON of research on this company and it’s as bogus as they come.
With that said….

It is possible to make money

I don’t want to discourage people from making money online because (a) I earn a living online and (b) I do know it’s possible. However, I strongly urge you to keep the following in mind. If a company expects:

  • Your credit card information (really?)
  • That in order to earn you have to refer others to a program
  • You have to pay ANYTHING UP FRONT
  • The only way you can make money is from your own referrals

then my recommendation to you is that you start your own blog or website and find legitimate products to sell. You stand a far better chance of making money if you prove that you are a credible source of valuable information. Selling smoke and mirrors is just plain DUMB.

For the record: I have been working online for over five years. I’m very proud to say that in those five years, I have NEVER been taken in by any of these scams. I’ve never had to “cancel an order” so my credit card didn’t get dinged, I have never had a problem earning small and steady amounts from legitimate affiliate programs and I have never tried to “sell” anyone on what I am doing. I don’t have to, my work SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.

About Doreen Martel

Well-rounded freelance writer who contributes to various blogs, paid to write sites and revenue sharing sites. Doreen is legally blind and has worked at home for more than 10 years. She uses the lessons learned from this experience to enhance her writing and share information with others.

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