Six or Seven Figure Income: Save your money!

 Epic FailI just love running into things that smack of schemes that are designed to separate people from their hard earned money. This morning, I was “cleaning” my Twitter account (which is a disaster looking for a place to happen!) and ran across a site that promised me I could have multiple six-figure months in the next twelve months by investing in their program. Unfortunately, while I was doing my homework (which I’m wont to doing) I found another site that is promoting one section of this “worthy” program promising me a potential of multiple seven-figure months.  Go figure.

Before you go looking for these programs, I will give you the basic gist of them.

  1. Create webinars, market them and drive traffic to your website
  2. Before you do the first step, buy our program
  3. Depending on which program you buy you can spend $497 or you can spend $147.

Of course, you have been warned by these snake oil salesmen sites to be wary here’s what they say “You listened to the experts who told you to put everything you know into a $27 Ebook or a $97 product and now you simply cannot figure out how to make money from it”.  Woops, you mean I didn’t spend enough?

So what’s the problem?

The problem is these con artists sites are promising you something for big bucks that you can probably get for free, near free or a fraction of the cost. It does not take a rocket scientist to set up a webinar. Of course, before you do, you have to have something to sell. Some “products” are not that easy to produce a webinar on. Let’s be honest, if you are trying to promote products on a blog (like I do on this one!) then the fact is there is not much here to promote on a webinar. What am I going to do create a webinar that tells people how to avoid con artists or a webinar telling people how to write or proofread (facepalm)? Seriously?

So how do I save money and still get this information?

It is really simple. Do your freaking homework. There is nothing more desperate than a person who believes the only way to make money online is to fall for one of these marketing schemes. I am not even going to share the names or the links of these people here because as far as I am concerned, they are already making plenty of money by conning people into believing they are too stupid to learn something themselves.  If you want to know about webinars, here are some legitimate sources of information:

Copyblogger: How to Use Webinars to Create Great Relationships with Prospects and Customers

Slideshare: How to Develop and Host a Webinar

and finally, if you really think you need to spend money I recommend going to Amazon and purchasing Great Webinars: Create Interactive Learning That Is Captivating, Informative, and Fun or one of the other hundreds of darned books on Webinars that do not cost $147 and certainly do not cost $447.  Or better yet, go to PLR Market and buy some information for a fraction of any of these options.  You can at least get some ideas for new articles. Save your money whatever you do!

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Well-rounded freelance writer who contributes to various blogs, paid to write sites and revenue sharing sites. Doreen is legally blind and has worked at home for more than 10 years. She uses the lessons learned from this experience to enhance her writing and share information with others.

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