Subscriber Milestones: A total head fake!

300 subscribersYesterday I was tickled to death to see I had reached 300 subscribers on my blog. Daily I am getting about 200 new views (wait until I tell you the most popular search term!) on my blog so this is exciting! Finally, after nearly four years, I’m seeing what appears to be some real movement. But look at that image!  I was actually DELETING the 300th subscriber from this blog! Why you may ask? Can you read that name? No me either.  I have a plugin called Ban Hammer on my site and when I added it I added this comment for everyone who registered:  If you are a Gmail user please email me for access. You must include your real name or you will not be added. Other users are banned by email or domain because of increased spam.

Some folks didn’t believe me.  The real number of subscribers I have is 23. Yes! 23 out of (now) more than 300.  But here’s the problem. True to my comment above, I go in daily and I delete bogus subscribers. These folks are not here to leave comments of any use, they are not here to read the site either, in fact, they are there for one reason alone and that’s to try to get some type of link juice from this site (which is only PR2 so I’m not sure why they bother!  Here’s some of the user names I deleted in the last 24 hours:

fake names and all

Now ironically enough, my traffic has increased significantly over the last few months. In fact, these are the latest numbers from stat counter:

in spite of them

This is pretty good for a site that was barely getting 100 hits a day!  What’s even more fascinating is the keywords that folks are using to find this site. Now there’s no secret that this blog contains both scam writeups and writeups about writing sites, but what’s the most fascinating is there appears to be one post that is drawing the most attention. The name of the post is “Scams with Challenges” and has received almost 1700 hits since it was posted on July 9, 2012. Amazing. Here’s the popular searches on this site during the last 48 hours:

theresa andrews scam

Fascinating!  None the less I will continue to plow on and one day I may actually start getting some searches that are not about con artists :) .

It may be time to consider shutting down my Facebook page, since I have around 145 followers on that page and only one or two people seem to bother taking the time to read anything I post there, it is almost more trouble to maintain than it is to use.  So, once again, onward and upward!

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2 Responses to Subscriber Milestones: A total head fake!

  1. 13 at 10:53 pm

    I have deleted at least that many as well. What irks me is deleting one who appears the following day with an email address one character off the last one. Sheesh. Like we have nothing better to do.

    Congrats on the traffic increase.

    • 13 at 9:24 am

      Thanks Red, yes, I’m now approaching 400 “subscribers”. Too bad less than 50 are real :)