Product Review: Sinbad 2 IN 1 Removable Wireless Bluetooth ABS keyboard

After I purchased the Kindle Fire, I decided to get a keyboard to go along with it so I could have it available for when I was on the road. This is the unit I purchased:

Now it’s important to note that when I purchased this (or when I was looking) I deliberately looked for something that was specifically compatible with the Kindle Fire HD 7 inch. Now keep in mind, I don’t need this for “regular” use, just for traveling and such so I wasn’t interested in something that was designed for “full-time” use.  With that said, this came in and here’s the upside and downside.

What I liked

The color is pretty true to form and the red is a decent red, not super bright and not dull either.  So I was pretty happy with the color.  It was also super simple to set up, you turn on the Bluetooth, it recognized the keyboard right away, I typed in the code and poof it was done. Couldn’t have been easier.  Once it was hooked up, I discovered that the keyboard is simple to use in spite of its smaller size. In fact, I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised since I don’t even use the keyboard on my laptop because of the small size. However, for occasional use and for the tablet, it’s not too bad at all.  Also, the keyboard is fairly easy to charge by plugging it into a USB port and doesn’t take long. The charge seems to hold for a long time as well which makes me happy.

What I don’t like

The Kindle HD 7 plugin is in a rather awkward place along the short bottom end (or top depending on how you’re holding it) of the unit. Now this means when you are placing the unit into any type of case, you need to be able to get access to the plugin if you want to charge it.  This brings me to the first thing I do not like about this unit. Because of the way the “sleeve” portion is designed, the socket for charging the Kindle seems to be very hard to access. The unit could have been better structured so that when you put the Kindle into it the plug is easy to access. Not the end of the world but inconvenient.

I also don’t think the case is overall that sturdy.  I would be a bit concerned if  I dropped it because I don’t think that it’s got enough of a frame to keep the Kindle safe from being damaged. It is also REALLY hard to get the unit into the frame and that didn’t make me too happy, especially when I have to remove it to charge the Kindle.

Finally, the charging unit is good if you are close to a computer with a USB port on it. However, if you are on the road (which is what I bought it for!) and the keyboard goes on the fritz because it’s not charged, you really don’t have any options to charge with a real plug. The charging should be either USB or regular plugin.

Overall, this was a good purchase since (a) it wasn’t that expensive and (b) it does function as claimed so that makes me happy. If you WANT an external keyboard, this is as good a deal as any other and in spite of the few drawbacks, I do recommend the unit.

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