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I love it when I get spam and it turns out the spam is related to a scam! In fact, it’s one of my favorite things of all time because it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Today’s con artist is Web Fortune Master.  Now people often ask me how I determine something is a scam and while I do some research through the usual places like the Better Business Bureau, sometimes you don’t even have to go that far. For example, in this case, you can look at the landing page to see all types of red flags. However, this one is actually pretty comical because they use specific text that is used on at least twenty-eight other websites. Here’s the specific text I’m talking about:

Chilling day my foot

Here’s the problem: if you pull just this piece out of the website and you paste it into Copyscape, you get some amusing results which you can see here:

Copyscape says fraud

Now let’s face it, a sob story from a single mom who was left alone with a two year old is a pretty compelling story. But there’s of course NO truth to this story (or if there is it’s not really the person they claim that has the problem! How do I know that? Well, that’s not so hard to figure out either: Here’s the “single mom with a two-year old”:

two year old not so much

Now given that the average height for a two year old is 31″ and the average weight is over 20 pounds, this child is no where NEAR those measurements. That aside, this “photo” is pretty popular according to TinEye which shows it’s been used in numerous “high profile” pages and blogs:


I am sure these folks appreciate this image being used to promote yet another work at home scam. So the predicament is are they just using bogus images or is the program bogus too? Well, that’s pretty simple! They’re claiming (not only this site but other sites) that you can make up to FIVE DOLLARS for posting links on a website! It’s laughable (if it were not so sad. What’s even worse is they “tout” the programs in a variety of ways: One offers it for 49.95, one offers it for $29.95 for a “friends and family discount” and one offers it for $29.95 a month INCLUDING a success coach. Seriously?

NO ONE – I REPEAT NO ONE is going to pay you $5.00 to past their links onto another site. Especially $5 for each one.  Wake up folks and stop getting conned by these people.


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