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When you are prolific writer, it is generally more acceptable to “spread” your work out over many sites versus promoting all of it in one place.  In many case,  some work simply does not work on some sites.  Here are some additional ways of promoting your work, potentially increasing earnings.


For those who already have a Facebook account that has a time line that is filled with friends, co-workers and family members,  consider starting a page for your writing. You will need to promote your Facebook Fan Page in order to gain followers. However, once you do, you can post articles that you believe might be interesting to your audience. Keep a few things in mind – if your followers are mostly other writers, put articles about writing, freelancing or promoting and save the recipes for your “regular” Facebook page where your friends and family can enjoy them.  If your followers are interested in these, they’ll find them!


LinkedIn is great for those writers who offer information regarding business plans, business development or nearly anything that has to do with writing. Spend some time navigating around the site and find some writer groups who will appreciate the information that you have to share. Before you start sharing information on LinkedIn make sure you update your profile! That way, should someone decide that you might be who they need to write website content or an article, they can actually see what you are doing now (rather than a few years ago).

Yahoo! Answers

This particular method of sharing work is a bit tricky and takes some foresight.  I  have had a Yahoo! account for years and honestly, I played around the edges of Answers for a long time without paying any mind to the idea that I could post links to my work there. There’s a catch though. I do not recommend (a) using only your article links and (b) use them in references all the time! Simply put, find categories that interest you, make sure you have a handful of sites (for example if you are answering business topics the SBA, BBB, Chamber of Commerce) that you can “prove your answer” with and answer some questions without pointing to your work. Answer the question thoroughly and use the link (to a third-party site or to your work) as a “source” versus using it for an answer.  Yahoo! Answers can drive traffic and help your credibility as well. Do yourself a favor: Don’t spend any time on “stupid” questions even if you have a good answer.  It won’t help you :)


There are so many social bookmarking sites where you can share your work. In fact, the number seems to grow daily as someone comes up with a new idea of what a bookmarking site should be. Reditt, Stumble Upon and SheToldMe are a few of the ones I’ve tried over time. Use common sense when posting work to these sites. Like others sites, you should be sharing a portion of work other than your own. I can only speak about StumbleUpon but in my experience, the ratio should be about 10 of someone else’s work to 1 of your own.  If you have the time, it’s worth it.

Google Plus

Just when you thought you couldn’t find another hour in the day, along comes Google Plus. You can share your work publicly, with a specific group of people or you can limit your sharing to individual people. I haven’t used Google+ that much so I can’t say much about it except there is a lot less noise than Twitter and I would imagine like any site, if you get something to go viral, then it’s a bonanza.

Whether we want to think about promoting or not, if we don’t promote our own work, there is not a great chance that others will be willing to promote our work for us. Keep in mind that when you do promote your work that you have to spend some time working on building up a following and interacting with your followers. Otherwise, no amount of promotion will help you one bit. This group of Social Media reviews may help you and there are other posts on here about social media as well. Check them out.

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Well-rounded freelance writer who contributes to various blogs, paid to write sites and revenue sharing sites. Doreen is legally blind and has worked at home for more than 10 years. She uses the lessons learned from this experience to enhance her writing and share information with others.

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