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artur84I have been working on cleaning up this blog and it’s almost like a full time job.  One of the major problems with this blog is that I have been writing here for nearly five years and some of my older posts — well, they are pretty pathetic. Today alone, I moved 15 items to the trash bin and as I was shortening links, I deleted at least another half a dozen posts that I couldn’t even find on the blog anymore telling me I deleted them previously.

Some time back, I suggested that people take time to review older work — me thinks I should practice what I preach! Part of the issues on this blog are here because I merged two blogs together (no scam work at home and this one) and part of the problems include the changes made at Helium.

So, here’s what you can find and here’s how you can help!

  • Bad images in posts – if you see someplace an image is supposed to be and it is not showing up, please take a minute to post a comment and let me know. Some of this is because when I imported No Scam Work at Home it stripped the images but left the link. In some cases, I’ll have to recreate screen shots or hopefully I can find them somewhere on my computer
  • Poorly worded headers – some of the headers in my articles are too sad for words. In many cases I have finished off an article with “summary”. If you see this hidden in any post, please consider dropping a comment so I can clean it up
  • Old advertising code – some of the posts have advertising code at the bottom. In some cases, they say “Google AdSense” and in other cases they say “Amazon” ads. Please let me know about the because while I think I found most of them, my intuition tells me I didn’t get them all!
  • Broken links – when Helium updated their site and moved over to “microsites” I know that I have a lot of broken links in these posts. I’ve done my level best to identify them and remove them but I know there are a lot more in here someplace. In particular, How To articles that were on Helium are no longer there so those links all need to be removed from these posts. Drop me a note and let me know if you find one.

I try to make this blog helpful for freelancers and whether you are new or you’re a regular reader, I try to provide valuable information. I don’t always succeed but I try: If you see anything wrong here please consider leaving a comment on the post so I can find it! Thank you in advance!

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