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Sucessful freelancing projectsBloggers are all too accustomed to their hard work being relegated to the archives of their blogs to never be seen again. However, there are some blog layouts as well as some tips and tricks that can help draw attention to old blog posts. Chances are that in spite of being old, many old blog posts have as much value today as they did the day you wrote them. Here are some blog layouts that draw attention to old blog posts:

  • Magazine Style – Many magazine style blog layouts offer bloggers the option of labeling their posts as “featured” posts. This allows the blogger with a quick click of their mouse to change a blog posting from a category that readers may have forgotten about and put them right on the front page.  Check the various magazine style layouts and find out how many “front page” entries that they allow and change the categories in some old blog posts. This will attention to the older posts and can help drive new traffic to your blog.
  • Blog Page Styles – Some blog layouts allow the blogger to set up individual pages. These pages can be used for single topics. Bloggers can create a page for their “oldest” blog posts and title them with something that will catch readers attention, or they can send a link out to popular social sites like Twitter and Facebook. This is another option when trying to find layouts that will draw attention to old blog posts.
  • Related Posts – Many blogs also offer a layout that is effective in drawing attention to prior posts based on certain criteria that a blogger defines. This can be keywords, categories or other options that the blogger defines. This would automatically provide a back-link to a post that is related to a newer post, drawing the readers attention to the older post.

Nearly any blog layout if used properly can help a blogger draw attention to old blog posts.  Bloggers can use category widgets, calendar widgets and others to help provide a snapshot of old blog posts.  In some cases, this will be a matter of preference, in all cases, it makes good sense.  Bloggers who provide easy access to old blog posts through specialized layouts or other methods can help provide easy access to information that still has value and may be of interest to new visitors.

I was fortunate enough to receive an email shortly after this was posted from another blogger, Devesh Sharma who has published a great list of plugins from some of the best in the business. Do take the time to read this comprehensive list titled Best WordPress Plugins: 40 Experts Share Their Favorite WordPress Plugins. It’s more than worth your time! Thanks Dev!!


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