Freelancing Basics

This page is the “one stop” shop for your Freelancing information for those who are just getting started or those who might be established and wish to learn more. This page will be updated with our “Freelancing 101″ series that was started in July 2010. If you have “other” pieces you’d like to see please feel free to leave a comment!

Freelancing 101 I – For New Freelancers

Freelancing 101 II – What you need to consider as a Freelancer

Freelancing 101 III – Freelancing Tax Considerations

Freelancing 101 IV – Goal Setting for Freelancers

Freelancing 101 V – Freelance Cover Letters

Freelancing 101 VI- Freelancing Negotiations

Freelancing 101 VII – Long Term and Short Term Contracts

Freelancing 101 VIII – Time Management

Freelancing 101 IX – Billing Challenges

Freelancing 101 X – Growing your Business

Freelancing 101 XI – When to Say No

Freelancing 101 XII A – Freelancing Income – Added Income Through Blogging

Freelancing 101 XII B – Social Sites that Can Generate Income

Freelancing 101 XII C1 – Writing For Cash – Helium

Freelancing 101 XII C2 – Writing For Cash – Bright Hub

Freelancing 101 XII C3 – Writing For Cash – Internet Brands

Freelancing 101 XII C4 – Writing For Cash – Writer Access

Freelancing 101 XII C5 – Writing For Cash – Seed

About Doreen Martel

Well-rounded freelance writer who contributes to various blogs, paid to write sites and revenue sharing sites. Doreen is legally blind and has worked at home for more than 10 years. She uses the lessons learned from this experience to enhance her writing and share information with others.