Tips for efficient leadership

Efficient leadership is created by a leader who:

A. Makes others feel important
Emphasize their strengths and contributions
Keep the attention off themselves


Dangers of business ads for at-home work

There are some inherent dangers of business ads for at-home work - the fact of the matter is that more and more of them are cropping up online, in your email, they're on websites you visit, I could go on and on about some of the places I've seen business ads for at-home work.

First things first


Why businesses fail
Business failure often can be a result of common mistakes that are made when businesses are starting up. It is estimated that nearly 30% to 40% of "businesses fails within their first five years. These are businesses that are commonly called financial failures. But, there are some common mistakes that are made during the start up of businesses that can help identify the reason for the business failure.

The pros and cons of working as an independent contractor
If you're one of the millions who has lost their job during this economic crisis you might be considering freelancing. As a freelancer, you are going to be classified as an independent contractor. Before you get started, you should be aware of both the pros and the cons of working as an independent contractor.

The skills required for leading volunteers

Being a leader takes certain skills. Here are the skills you will need to be a successful volunteer leader.

Pathfinder - A leader must be a course changer. You decide on the path you want your volunteers to take. You teach them how to make it happen.


Minuting Meetings: The lost art explained

It is almost impossible to explain to somebody how valuable meeting minutes are. Stop and consider what minutes are meant to do. Minutes should provide an overview of exactly what happened at the meeting. It should also include an accurate record of who attended, and what votes were taken.

At one time business meetings never took place without an accurate recording of everything discussed. Today, with e-mails and more open communication we have gotten further and further away from traditional business meeting minutes.


How to create effective Power Point presentations

Effective use of Power Point requires following some basic rules. The "Standard Rule" for Power Point is 10/20/30. 10 Slides, 20 minutes, size 30 font.


Power Point presentations can be used for a number of different reasons. These reasons vary from presentation to presentation. Here are the best reasons for using a Power Point presentation.


Why editing is essential for web copy
We have all heard the infamous words, "First Impressions Matter". Perhaps nothing sums up the best reason that editing is essential for web copy. Stop and think about the last website that you visited.
Did you notice something that was not quite right? Chances are if you did, it will stick in your mind for a very long time!

How to spot fake work-from-home jobs
Every day our emails are deluged with offers of instant wealth. Some of them may sound like they are real. They include personal testimonials, promises and more. However, if you don't know how to spot fake work-from-home jobs, you could be spending thousands of dollars unknowingly.

Break time: Ways to take a break when working from home
One of the biggest pitfalls of working from home is knowing when to take a break! While those who do not work at home often don't understand that when you're working you're not just "sitting at home", it's important that you realize that setting regular break times is crucial to your overall success.

Free websites for starting Internet businesses
On line business opportunities have resulted in thousands of new websites cropping up every month. If you are considering an Internet based business, you might be wondering how to establish a website. Since you are just starting out, chances are you do not have a lot of funds available for investing. Today, having a dependable website is a requirement. If your business is going to be entirely Internet based, then you have no choice but to have a website.

How to write effective web copy

To create effective copy for a website there are some secrets to making both search engine and reader friendly.

Effective web copy should fill two needs

1. The needs of the viewer

2. The needs of the owner


Quality service to customers should be the standard
During these times of increasingly powerful technology one thing that often gets lost in the shuffle is customer service. Before technological advances were made, quality service was something that all businesses strive for. The customer was always right and complaints and comments were handled promptly and efficiently.

Free software for business functions

If you're looking for free software for business functions, you might be wondering what options are available to you.

Determining your needs for free software for business functions is not a difficult task. The first step is deciding which tasks you need to do on a regular basis.


Finding online business management sites with free registration
One of the biggest challenges of establishing an at home business is the cost of many different software applications that can allow you to work from home and still allow you the flexibility of having an offsite workforce that can work well together. While there are a number of business management software sites, you are really interested in establishing a long term program that will allow for online business management preferably with free registration.

How to differentiate a business plan from a business proposal
Chances are you've heard the terms business plan and business proposal and you might even believe they are interchangeable. But they are not and in fact if you're trying to learn more about business you need to know the difference between a business plan and a business proposal.

How to create wealth working from home
If you are one of the millions of people who was laid off from their job during the 2008 layoffs you might be wondering if it's possible for you to create wealth by working at home. As a victim of a layoff I can tell you with time, persistence and a positive outlook it's possible to get your financial feet back under yourself.

Create an Internet book
Today, thousands of "e-Books" are available for sale on the internet. Many of them are low cost, packed full of useful information and readily available to you. If you are one of the millions of of people with that entrepreneurial spirit who also enjoys writing, you cuold create your own internet book. It is not difficult to do as you will see from this outline.

How to write a business plan for your small business
Regardless of the type of business you are starting, you will need a business plan. In order to create an effective business plan you will need to understand the individual components and why they are important. Whether you are searching for financing or not, having a business plan can help you keep your business on track.

Tips for nonprofit accounting
Nonprofit accounting varies from organization to organization. The size of your organization will determine the accounting procedures you need to use. Smaller nonprofit organizations who need merely to track expenses against budget are often able to use something simple like Microsoft Excel.

Ethical online practices for nonprofits
In today's society more and more non profit organizations are electing to have an online presence. What often falls between the cracks however is what ethical online practices apply to nonprofits. There are some basic things that all non profit organizations need to do in order to maintain their high ethical standards when creating an online presence that include:

How to write an effective grant proposal for your non-profit
Writing a grant proposal can be very time consuming. It does not have to be confusing. You can learn how to write an effective grant proposal for your non-profit by following these simple steps.

Writing advertising for online job openings
There are many different reasons for deciding to put a job opening online. Businesses large and small have determined that hiring online workers can be cost effective. In addition, you have the option of hiring someone to do a "one of" job versus a long term job. However, finding the right person for the job requires writing advertising that is suitable for your online job.

Smart ideas for helping your small to mid-sized business thrive in a tough economy
In today's economy it is becoming more and more of a challenge to think of creative ways to keep your business thriving. All businesses are impacted in this financial crisis, but none more so than small and mid-sized business. However there are some simple ways that you can help your business thrive and keep your staff upbeat and positive about your company's opportunities during this economic crisis.

Venture capital is not without cost
Venture Capital is private money provided by investors to new growing businesses by loaning money to the business in return for a share of the business. Venture Capital investments are high risk and offer potential for very high returns. Structure of Venture Capital Funds.

What is a virtual office?
The term virtual office has changed dramatically over time. With the increase in technology, you would not even recognize the former meaning, which was originally the term for a shared service that would include a business address, mail service, phone and fax service, web hosting as well as meeting and conference facilities. These 'virtual offices' are very different from what we recognize them to be today.

Can you get government grants for a small business?
Government grants are available for small businesses. There are certain conditions that must be met to qualify for these grants. One of the main qualifications is that the business be established. If you are trying to start a small business, the "Small Busines Administration (SBA) informs you right on their website that there is no such thing as a small business grant. This is true - for startups.

Is telecommuting right for you?

Not everyone is suited to telecommuting. In fact, some people have discovered that they simply need the structure that is offered by a traditional brick and mortar working environment.

Define Telecommuting

Telecommuting, e-commuting, e-work, telework, working at home (WAH), or working from home (WFH) is a work arrangement in which employees enjoy limited flexibility in working location and hours.


Signs your home-based business should move out of the home

Today, home based businesses are very popular. The main reason for that popularity is that they are home based. However, there are times when a home-based business might not be the best option. If you notice any of these warning signs, you should consider moving your business out of your home.

1. Interfering with Personal Life

If you are one of the millions of home-based business owners who has discovered that you no longer have a personal life, it might be time to move out of your home. There is a work/life balance that must always be maintained. If you are spending more than 10 - 12 hours a day working then chances are it may be time to move your home-based business out of your home.


Online business: Build a reputation

The first goal of any online business is building your reputation. Building a reputation is the secret ingredient to all successful businesses.

Why Reputation Matters

When someone is making a decision to do business with you, they want to know about your reputation. A well built reputation will inspire confidence in you. Your service or your product is part of your reputation. Standing behind your product or service helps build a reputation for your online business. Since many online businesses depend entirely on the internet for marketing purposes, your reputation matters.