Get familiar with Massachusetts!
If you live in Massachusetts, chances are that you know enough about the state. However, for those who are considering relocation or a visit to Massachusetts, here are some articles that will help you become more familiar with the area. Check back often as we will add articles as we go along!  Enjoy.

10 tips for Boston Tourists

There are thousands of small, out of the way places to see in Boston. If you're a history buff you'll love the trails, the cemeteries and more! Enjoy yourself! You can even get in contact with the Boston Lions Club and they'll even give you a guided tour if someone is available!  Read more.....

How to apply for food stamps in Massachusetts
Massachusetts is one of the many states that now offer the ability for you to apply for food stamps right from the privacy of your home, online or you can mail an application in to the Department of Transitional assistance.  Read more...

Places to volunteer in Lawrence, MA
Lawrence Massachusetts is a culturally diverse area and one that is rich in manufacturing. Because the income levels in Lawrence are so low, volunteers are always needed to help with Scouts, the Food Pantry, Lions Club and more. Here are some of the outstanding volunteer opportunities that are always available in Lawrence: Read More....