Getting started with investing
There are some factors that can help you make sound fundamental decisions.

1. Earnings: Company earnings are the bottom line. Earnings are the profits after taxes & expenses. The stock & bond markets are driven by two powerful forces - earnings and interest rates. The flow of money into these markets is competitive. Investors move into bonds when interest rates go up and into stocks when earnings go up. It is a company's earnings, more than anything else, that creates their value. (There are certain caveats to this idea that must be considered).


FHA minimum-down-payment change for 2009
Thousands of Americans will consider becoming a first time home buyer during 2009 one of the options they may consider is an FHA loan. FHA the Federal Housing Administration, was established in 1934 with its sole purpose to provide affordable housing. Most FHA Loans are given to first time home buyers. FHA provides affordable financing options for many first time home buyers.

What's the difference between term and whole life insurance

Term life insurance is the original form of life insurance and is considered to be pure insurance protection because it builds no cash value.

Whole Life Insurance refers to a policy that pays a lump sum on death or, in some cases, the earlier diagnosis of a critical illness whenever it occurs provided the contract is kept in force through the required payments being made.


FHA cash-out refinance changes for 2009
With interest rates currently so low, thousands of people will be considering refinancing their homes. Many will elect to use a cash out refinance option. If you're one of the millions of Americans who currently have a home mortgage with the Federal Housing Administration, the new FHA cash out refinance changes for 2009 will impact your refinancing.

7 tips on saving money

Every year we are looking for new money saving tips. These are 7 tips on saving money that can help everyone!

Piggy Bank your cents off coupons

If you don't already use cents off coupons there is no better way to save money than to start using them. Not only is your Sunday newspaper full of them but there are hundreds of sources of cents off coupons online. Set up a bank where you can store all of your cents off' savings;


Subprime mortgage crisis: Who's responsible for the mortgage mess?
With the subprime mortgage crisis everyone is looking for someone else to blame. It's very simple to blame members of Congress, banks, and even Borrowers with less than perfect credit. The fact of the matter is there is more than enough blame to be passed around to a number of people.

Dollar cost averaging: How this simple investing strategy helps your money grow
DRIPS (Dividend Reinvestment Plans) are the most common vehicle for dollar cost averaging investments. These plans allow you to make small investments on a regular basis. Combine a small monthly investment with dividends that are received being put back in and soon you will have a nice little nest egg.

How to save money on your cell phone bill
Stop and consider that merely ten years ago, a cell phone was something that only a few people had. Today, they are more and more common. Along with the increased use you may be one of the millions who is suffering cell phone bill shock. Let's look at some of the ways you can save money on your cell phone bill.

Investing: The big picture
There are two kinds of investors. The first, a more conservative type, will pick a stock by looking at the fundamental value of a company. This investor believes that so long as a company is well run and keeps making more money, the stock price will go up. Fundamentalists try to buy growth stocks, those that seem likely to keep growing longer term.

The capital gains tax: An explanation

Avoiding Capital Gains Taxes - Can they be avoided?

Generally you can't avoid Capital Gains Taxes 100% but there are some steps you can take to minimize them.

For securities positions:

Let's say you and your spouse own stocks that have increased in value considerably and you're now thinking about funding your child's college education but you realize that Capital Gains tax is going to chew up a portion of them. Here are some of the things you can do to minimize the capital gains tax:


The basics of annuities
An annuity is an investment vehicle offered by most insurance companies that offer regular payments on an annual or a monthly basis to the annuitant. These annuities may pay for a specific amount of time (i.e. a number of pre-specified years) or they may pay over the lifetime of the annuitant.

How to apply for food stamps in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is one of the many states that now offer the ability for you to apply for food stamps right from the privacy of your home, online or you can mail an application in to the Department of Transitional assistance.

Step 1:

A) Finding the online application: You can find all of the information that you need for the "online food stamps application in Massachusetts at the Department of Transitional Assistance. The information when submitted will create a 'file' with the department that reflects your 'date of application'.


How to find lost life insurance policies
Most of us never take the time to find out what life insurance policies that our loved ones have. Once they have died, it is almost impossible to determine if we have all of them. There are however some ways to make sure you are able to find all life policies. There are also ways to find missing policies. Life Insurance policies must be found as quickly as possible. This is not just to collect benefits, but also to ensure they do not become abandoned property.

How to save money running a startup
You have made the big decision to start your own business. Now you are faced with the reality of what it is going to cost! You are looking for simple, effective ways to save money while running a startup business. Here are my favorite ways to save money running a startup.

Tax deductibility of IRA contributions

Strategic use of your IRA

As this years tax season approaches many of us are wondering what to do about our Individual Retirement Accounts as they've become even more important with the decline in safety in Social Security and our traditional pensions.

Taking the maximum contributions allowed each year for your IRA becomes even more important for tax planning purposes, since some or all of your contributions may be deductible depending on your employer sponsored plans.


Does homeowners' insurance protect the valuables of kids at college?
Many homeowners' insurance policies will cover students' belongings away from home. This isn't always true though. Before your child heads off to school, you will want to find out what your homeowners insurance covers. The part of your homeowners' insurance policy that you're gong to want to verify is your Personal Property coverage - however, there are some things that you need to be aware of!