Finding paid work from home

If you're about to enter the exciting Work at Home field there are some things you need to know! Here are some basic steps to get starting finding paid work from home.

Creating Your Online Presence

Start with your profile here at Helium. Put as much relevant information into your profile as possible. It might also help to beef up your biography with your work experience. Then you can begin the next phase of marketing yourself.


How to succeed on any freelance site

If you are considering entering the field of freelancing, there are some things that can help you succeed on any freelance site. These simple tips can help you develop an effective online presence. Persistence does pay.

There are some things you must prepare to start freelancing. Each of these things will help you succeed on any freelance site.


Tips for finding online freelance writing jobs
Two years ago at this time I was working a full time job as a telecommuter for a very large company designing their database for internal use. I was hired as a temporary worker with the agreement that by March 1 of that year (2007) I would be offered a full time position managing the entire database for the sales force (which was large and international). I went to the office one day a week and the rest of the time I worked from home. This was especially important for me because I do not drive. One month later I received the news that at the end of the week I would no longer have a job. I went into a panic as I knew the database wouldn't be ready, and I also knew that to create a file for someone else to take over the database would be nearly impossible to do as it was still in the creation stage. But then, the real stunning part - the management of the company elected to not have a central database after all, in fact they were not going to change anything so they were just eliminating the position they hired me for.

What you need to know about fund-raising

When raising funds for a charity, the most important thing for you to keep in mind is to set a goal for your organization and be certain it is a realistic goal.

Perhaps one of the biggest setbacks all of us face when beginning a new fundraiser is our own unrealistic expectations of what we hope to accomplish! Let's face it, a group of 10-12 people are not going to be able to handle the same type of project that a group of 50-60 people handle!


How to make ends meet when unemployed
You might be one of the millions of people who has lost their job in the last four months and now you're wondering how to make ends meet while you're unemployed. There are actually some very simple things you can do to help you and your family through these tough economic times.

Finding legitimate work from home jobs
If you are in the process of seeking a work from home job the first thing you need to be aware of is there are a number websites that in fact offer you the opportunity to work at home. Unfortunately, there are many that simply are not not legitimate! Beware of any sites that offer you a legitimate work at home job but asks you to pay a fee up front!

Pursuing a career as a health information specialist
You may be one of the 1.9 million people who have lost their jobs over the last four months and wondering if you can find a way to pursue training in a field that is more recession proof. One career choice you could make that would help ensure a more solid future is a health care information specialist.