I have put together some basic puppy care articles that I hope you'll find helpful!  There are even a few about cats. But mostly about dogs! 

I've even attached a photo of my favorite dog, a 3 year old Pomeranian named Bear.  I hope you find these articles useful.
How much should you feed Pomeranians?
Many people are worried that their dog will overeat. The Pomeranian is a very active dog and should be fed accordingly. If you are wondering how much you should feed your Pomeranian, it must be based on their weight as well as their activity level. An active dog naturally needs more food to create the energy that they need.  Read More....
Plants that are poisonous to cats
Are you aware that there are 10 common plants that you may have in your home that can poison your cat? Take a look!
We all worry about the mischief our pets might get into
If you have these common plants around your house here are some of the risks to your cat.
Essays: The rewards of owning a pet
Having a pet in the house means different things to different people. Some view them as a nuisance that one of their children or a spouse or partner brought home while others treat them as members of their families.
Getting your dog to stop barking
Perhaps you have just acquired a puppy or you have had a dog for a while but suddenly, they are barking all the time. You are interested in getting your dog to stop barking but you are not really sure where to begin. A barking dog can get on your nerves, disturb your neighbors and be generally disruptive. Getting your dog to stop barking will not only result in a quieter household, but will also result in a happier dog.
Is your dog's food healthy?

We all love our dogs and we want to ensure they are getting a healthy diet. There are some simple things you can do to decide if your dog's food is healthy for him.

Beware of Junk Food

We do not give our kids Coke or other highly sugared products because it can lead to hyperactivity and a range of other behavior problems. For our children we also avoid highly processed junk food.


Testimonies: Deciding to euthanize a pet

Nothing is more heart-wrenching than discovering you have a pet who is too ill to be treated. In fact, I offer you this first hand story about a decision that even today can bring tears to my eyes.

BK was a black cat who was 17 years old. He'd lived a wonderful, spoiled life and he was very special to everyone who ever met him. He had a wonderful personality and he loved to play even at his ripe old age. Then horror struck.


Things to consider when choosing a dog

What Kind of Dog fits with your lifestyle?

It's all well and good to decide you want a dog (along with your children), they're great companions and they can be wonderful playmates for your children.